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InCopy / InDesign workflows training: course outline 

1. Understand the functionality in InCopy / InDesign

If you want to implement an InCopy / InDesign managed workflow to improve efficiency and reduce costs in your publishing workfow, your first step is to understand the full range of functionality that is available. Give us a call.


2. Focus on the features you need for your workflow

Based on a sound grasp of the capabilites of an InCopy / InDesign integration, you can start to decide on the functionlaity and features that meet the requirements of the workflow you want to introduce. We can help.


3. Create and test a proof of concept then roll out

Critical to a successful rollout of an InCopy / InDesign managed workflow is setting up and testing a proof of concept workflow that you can then scale up to a full-blown working solution. Give us a call. Email. We can help.





InCopy course outline – 1 day

Session 1

Overview / Introduction

Overview – InDesign / InCopy / LiveEdit
Folder and file structure
Naming conventions
Exporting InCopy content
Creating Assignments
Check in / Check out
The Assignments panel
Roundtripping content between InDesign and InCopy


InCopy Interface / Working Environment

Advanced/Essentials workspace
Galley, Story and Layout views
Working with Floating and Docked Panels
Reset workspace
Missing Fonts
Font Explorer
User Colour setup



Opening InCopy assignments
Closing assignments
The Assignments panel
Multiple Check out/Check in


Working with InCopy content

Check Out
Check In


Editing Text

Selecting text
Entering text



Overmatter frames in slug
Overset text marker
Viewing overset text in Story View
Copyfit Info Panel – Word count
Word Count for a selection


More Interface / Working Environment

Galley & Story Appearance controls
Expand/Collapse Story components
Show/Hide Hidden Characters
Show/Hide Frame Edges
InCopy Help
View > Guides > Hide/Show
Zoom tool, Hand tool (Layout view)
View menu commands (Layout view)
Moving from page to page
Edit > Undo / Redo
Normal view / Preview (Layout view)


Session 2

Write to Fit

Editing text/Zooming/Scrolling – Layout view
Copyfit readouts – Layout and Story views



Creating Notes
Managing Notes
Editing Notes
Deleting Notes


Package Workflows

Package for InCopy/InDesign
Create package in and package out folders on local hard drive
Copy compressed package (.icap) from ftp server to local hard drive
Open .icap for the first time
Locate the InCopy Assignments folder (before and after)
Make amends
Close / reopen the original .icap – deliberate loss of amends
Correct procedure for subsequent opening of .icml from InCopy Assignments folder
Package for InCopy
Package for InDesign


Session 3

Editing Text

Selecting text
Cursor movement through text
Cursor movement through components (Story View)
Special Character sub-menu
Forced Line Breaks (Soft return)
White Space sub-menu
Dynamic Spell Check command
Spell Checking
Text Macros


Working with Type

Entering text
Selecting text
Applying Paragraph Styles
Applying Character Styles
Tracking (-20 maximum)
Manual/Local formatting eg Strikethrough
Understanding Nested Styles
Deleting and reinstating nested style markers


Session 4


The Glyphs panel
Inserting glyphs
Times Light Standard Phonetic



The Find/Change panel
Basic Find/Change (eg Teacher’s Book to Teacher’s Guide)
Find/Change double spaces
Find/Change formatting



Creating a PDF
Include Annotations / Notes
Printing – Components
Printing – Layout


Repeat Package Workflows

Package for InCopy/InDesign






open quoteExcellent training session, brilliant to also include hints on good design tips.close quote





open quoteVery good introductory course, Robert worked well within the parameters + objectives of a diverse group. Very good at accommodating individual needs as needed and appropriate - very happy and looking forward to trying my new found skills. Thank you!close quote





open quoteVery informative session with lots of new tips and tricks that I never knew how to do. I'm sure going to use InDesign with a lot more ease. Brilliantly taught, very friendly and I will be highly recommending to other staff members.close quote


Oxford Brookes University



open quoteExcellent, very useful and felt trailored to our specific needs and level + knowledge. I've learnt a lot.close quote


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