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To get the best out of InDesign you need to continually update your skills and push your knowledge further. 'InDesign in easy steps' gives you a solid foundation – click the image on the right if you want to buy the book – and the tutorials on this website will take you further still. Enjoy learning.




Creating Sections in an InDesign document

Creating sections in long documents allows you to organise and segment content making it easier for the reader to locate and understand.


Loading PDF Presets

It's always a good idea to speak to your printer about the documents you intend to send for printing before you send them. It's worth checking whether they have a joboptions file – another name for a PDF preset – that they can send you.


Live Preflight

An awareness of the Live Preflight facility in InDesign is essesntial if you want to work efficiently and avoid common mistakes from creeping into your work.


Cross referencing to Text Anchors in InDesign

Particularly in long documents such as techical manuals and reports, there is often a need to refer a reader to another, related piece of content at a different location in the document. To do this you can create a cross-reference. A cross-reference is an explicit link to other related content elsewhere in the document. Cross-references help to create documents where related content is clearly identified and easily accessed, adding value to reader’s experience.


The Color Theme Tool – VIDEO TUTORIAL

This video tutorial introduces you to Color Theme tool. The Color Theme tool provides a flexible and convenient way to create a color palette based on images and other objects present in your InDesign document.

InDesign CC 2014 | mp4 | 3:06min


The Color Theme Tool: Part 2 – VIDEO TUTORIAL

This video tutorial shows you how to add a color theme generated by the Color Theme tool to the Swatches panel, and also how you can add individual colours from the Color Theme panel.

InDesign CC 2014 | mp4 | 3:06min




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